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Do you know that the valuation of the global EdTech/Edutech (Education Technology) market size was at USD 106.46 billion in 2021, and is slated to reach USD 127 billion in 2022? The education sector has clearly witnessed an online transformation in recent years particularly after the pandemic. The online education sector is expected to hit 11.6 billion by 2026, and these are big numbers by any standards. It has also been found that deployment of EdTech in schools globally continues to increase with 48 percent of students using desktops, 48 percent using smartphones, 33 percent using interactive whiteboards, and 20 percent using tablets.

The top six technology trends that will continue to dominate the EdTech space include Custom Learning Experiences, Cloud Computing, Speech-To-Text Options, Virtual & Augmented Learning (AR/VR), Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML), 3D Printing and Learning Analytics. With advancements in EdTech, learning these future technologies at school is now becoming convenient on a large scale!

So, why EDU SCHOOL TECH website?

The EDU SCHOOL TECH platform is proudly built by BY THE STARTUPS, one of the biggest business communities, based out of the industrial and entrepreneurial city of Coimbatore in Tamilnadu, as we invite EdTech/Edutech companies, organizations, and startups to list their business profile on our platform. We even encourage schools to feature their EdTech labs where they have implemented innovative Future technologies. We believe our efforts will link schools and educational institutions with the EdTech industry. Accessibility to Future Technologies will be easier and made available to a large pool of schools at a wider scale. Product Innovation will be a way of life at an early stage of one’s career.

The EDU SCHOOL TECH platform aims at producing more student startups, and EduTech companies will play a huge role in shaping their entrepreneurial and innovation skills. Today’s youth are the pillars of the future, and we’re glad that we will be able to guide them toward a brighter and better tech future.

Disclaimer: As ethics demand, in spite of our rich digital marketing experience, we do not guarantee listed/featured companies/organizations with sales, leads, conversion, web traffic, or search engine rankings for keywords on the EDU SCHOOL TECH platform whatsoever. What we do believe is the power of our Business Community that can refer businesses through online and offline meets and other community activities and greater visibility, both online and offline.

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